A post written so I can feel like I did something… like in some small way; i’m making a difference.

This post by my beautiful best friend makes my soul hurt.


“Horses were made from the breath of the wind, the beauty of the earth, and the soul of an angel”

While Cameron was loading his car with fire wood we had just purchased, I was chasing down my little pup who had run off. As I neared a tiny run down shack the smell of horses overwhelmed my nose. I felt like my pup; sniffing my way to finding them. I peered through a small gated window in this shack and saw one cat, some hay but no horses. I went around the building to pick up brooke and I saw a piece of semitransparent glass taped over a bared basement window. I curiously knelt down and peered in. At first I could only see my reflection but as I looked closer I saw a massive nose; an animal nose. It reminded me of my cow friend’s nose but I…

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