Why You’re Never Really Meant To Find Your Way

Thought Catalog

Neil KrugNeil Krug

Maybe the point of life is to always be lost. Maybe we’re not supposed to have our shit together, to have it figured out, to find our way. Maybe there’s no ‘way’ to be found. Maybe life is an aimless upward swing toward infinity. Maybe there’s no direction, no right path, no fate, no destiny. Maybe we simply choose to be where we are and make that mean what it means to us in the moment.

Do you ever realize that you can experience the exact same moment with someone and both bring away from it a completely different memory? We’re all lost. There’s no home to be found. This ending point or finish line we’re looking for doesn’t exist. Our experience begins and ends right now. Our moments, this one, that one, the one that just passed, burn out like a flame.

We’re not meant to be…

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