Be free in your love, in your control, in your dance, in your soul. Be kind in your lows, in your highs, in your words, in your eyes. Be open in your arms, in your mind, in all shape, in all kind. Let love and purpose guide your days. Let your true self speak to you always. May you find some light in each new face and a lesson in each mistake. May you allow a deep passion to well up inside you. May it be your friend in all that you say, think and do. May it light a fire in your veins. May you go absolutely insane. May you let it flow out of you like rain. May you cry, smile, paint yellow, feel all of your pain. My wish for you is that you learn to breathe with ease. For you to know that you are infinite, worthy, as loved as you please. My wish is that we will all learn to let our soul lead us, for it is there that true peace will meet us. AP.


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